Digital Photography Class "How to your Digital DSLR" (Meets 6 Weeks)

A photographer carries a camera in hope of pulling a moment in time through the lens. We wish these images to be true to the origional view. Adjusting all of the settings to match the elements of the scene is like juggling many balls at once. ISO (sensitivity), time (shutter), light (aperture), metering, foucusing, color balance all happening at once everytime you shoot. Sure almost all cameras have an auto setting but no camera can read your vision. What is your subject? What do you want it to look like? Is it in motion? You have full control of all of these things and more. The six week class was built on my desire to share just enough information to inspire you to confidently take control of your creativity and tell stories with your shots. The sessions are exciting, hands-on, challenging and rewarding.

After graduation you will be looking forward to every new event you attend and taking dynamic, sharp, balanced photography to share.

Weekend Crash Course Digital Photography Workshop "How to your Digital DSLR" (Meets 2 Days)
Learn it all in just two days.
We realize the weeknights might not be ideal for all. The weekend crash course might be for you. We meet 9AM-4PM Saturday and Sunday to cover all of the lessons in the six week sessions. We jump right in to it before you know it your shooting like a pro. With 14 hours to get it donewe create a fun momentum with interesting mix of class work and hands-on learning. We take a couple short breaks and a 30 minute lunch.
Private Digital Photography Class "How to your Digital DSLR" (Meets 6 Weeks)
Our private class option allows the you to obtain our ful attention towards meeting task driven goals. People have many different reasons to learn photography. May be a focus on personal needs such as photography for your business. The private class setting ofers a more flexible schedule which we can work out.

Have a digital camera and you're belwildered by the buttons?

You took the first step by getting a new digital camera. Thats Swell. And now you may be wondering your pictures aren't as good as you hoped. We've been there and we totally get it is frustrating to waste good moments on bad shots. You read the manual of course. Big help right? Not so much. Photography is not easlily contained in a little paper booklet. There is lots of info in there for sure but thats not always enough..In a perfect world your camera would take really amazing shots everytime you click. Not the case. Well, don't SNAP! Keep calm and take our class. Our class explores all of the features and benefits your camera system offers. Shutter speeds, f/stops, ISO, focus modes, color control is covered and way more. Once you see how the settings can be used to control the light a confidence builds and taking photos become fun maybe for the first time. As we progress through the class you will be more and more in the driver seat controlling everyting and loving your pictures.

Now is great time to get the best pics ever with YOUR camera.

Every day is a photo op. There is always something interesting happening during your day. Your dog might be runnng in circles. Your found out there a meteor shower tonight. The fall colors pull you in. You see a hot air ballon fly over your house. Photography helps us recall experiences and tell our story. Photo Ops happen anywhere, anytime. To be confident and ready to grab the camera make adjustments and shoot to see a wow shot appear on the screen is a thrill.

I noticed a lot of people staying on the Easy Auto mode. There is so much more to these cameras. This why I built this class. Let's get started honing your skills.

We're ready if you are.

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